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Welcome to TEASAGE!

TEASAGE is an online tea store that sells premium leaf tea blends in India & also exports to various countries. We pride ourselves in providing quality product, prompt service and home delivery with various payment methods and unmatched variety.

Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world after water and nearly 3 billion cups are consumed daily worldwide.

Tea is unprejudiced, it transcends cultures, and is loved even in countries where the climate does not allow it to grow (Ireland and the UK are respectively third and fifth in the list of tea consumption per capita worldwide). History and tradition melt in a teapot, and this contributes to making it a very marketable product.

Our Founder Akash Takwani had an eye on the global scenario when he decided to start up TEASAGE™ which blends leaf teas with natural pieces of fruit, flowers and spices.

The Tea Route

  • “While studying for my Masters in Global Entrepreneurship Program, China & USA, I came across the culture of ‘leaf tea’ and the health benefits associated with it. Everywhere I went – be it a classroom, a business meeting or the train – there was always a facility of hot water. People usually carried their bags of leaf tea with them and after some research I was surprised to learn how much healthier it is,” recalls Akash.

Turning Point

  • After completing my course I came back to India and started working as Business Development Manager with a Retail Branding Organization.
  • As a part of my job I was assigned a research project on ‘Green Tea in Modern Retail Formats in India’. “I was surprised to see a whole section dedicated to green teas, but I was also disappointed when I could not find leaf teas. Almost all the teas available were dust and fanning’s which are low in antioxidants,” he says.
  • Soon Akash flipped his disappointment into a business opportunity. “I started in depth research online and offline; browsing articles, watching videos, getting insights from friends in China, attending tea expos, meeting suppliers etc.” he says. By the end of it, leaf teas and their properties had no secrets from Akash.

Our Customers

  • Tea Lovers who buy from our site & other portals
  • MNC, Factories, Small Offices & Shops who need Masala Chai & Green Tea for their daily consumption. We also provide Vending Machines & Tea Maker Kit.
  • Events & Exhibitors are provided customized Tea Souvenir as per their clients requirement.
  • Wedding Invites & Corporate Gifting are provided with customized Tea Gifting options.
  • Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes & Spas are also provided customized Tea Packs as per their requirement
  • Dieticians are provided customized Tea Blends as per their prescription.
  • Teapreneurs & Marketing Agency who wish to start their own tea business.
  • From festive corporate gifts to weddings to baby showers,
  • mark every occasion with the delicious taste of health from Teasage Tea.
  • Add a personal touch with customized labels, exquisite boxes and even personalized blends.
  • To know more get in touch with us on +91-9821596454/+91-8169914296 or drop us an email on info@teasage.in


All health claims made on this website are based on popular scientific evidence. They have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration or any statutory authority. The products on the website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases. Like fruits, vegetables and other nutritional foods, the positive contribution tea makes to a diet must be seen in the context of a general healthy lifestyle.

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