Tea for Wedding Invitations

Make Your Wedding Favors Unique with Tea Blends

Final Tea Wedding Invitation

Looking for a unique way to give wedding guests a great take home present? Give the gift of tea with custom branded tea wedding favors !!

Having your own customized tea with our premium blended loose leaf tea make the perfect tea wedding favour


Teatox Gift Box

Everyone loves a good cup of tea. It brings people together, and when gifted tells the recipient that you’ve put thought & love into their gift. Tea has been gifted for thousands of years across many different cultures. Why? Because its a simple symbolic way to show someone you appreciate them.
Our tea wedding favors are an easy & thoughtful way to carry on this ancient tradition.

test tubes in cane basket

How it works

We help you select the perfect tea for your guest. Choose from one of our recommended teas, or we can help you craft your own tea wedding flavors. Imagine a tea for him and her: one that represents personality of bride or groom.

We can make it happen !!

Its as simple as

1) Sending us your artwork
2) Choosing your tea
3) Selecting your quantity

Having us customize your tea wedding favours is an easy and cost effective way to add personalization to your wedding day.

Spicy Green Tea Blend for Monsoon – Fights Cold & Cough

Finally monsoon is here, but it does not bring total relief. It brings along humidity, dusty winds and with continuous changes in the weather conditions it affects human body & skin. Some of us face stomach pain, greasy skin and various other health-related problems. It does not matter how many times you have washed your face, you still get that sticky feeling. So, apart from taking external care of your skin, you have to take holistic care of your body by drinking healthy juices and Green Tea.

During rainy season, our body comes in contact with different types of bacteria. So, it is important to make your immune system strong. Only drinking water won’t help in hydrating, drinking Green Tea will provide you with proper proteins and minerals in order to keep your body healthy.

At TEASAGE™™, we provide superior green tea leaf in pyramid bags & pouches as a
beverage option to companies.

We have created special Monsoon collection to combat cough and cold thereby help
maintain health of employees.

The collection includes –
1) Lemon Ginger Green Tea
2) Kashmiri Kahwa Tea
3) Apple Cinnamon Green Tea
4) Tulsi Green Tea
5) Orange Spice Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Benefits –
Owing to its long list of benefits, Green Tea is popular across the world. The magic ingredients present in the Green Tea are well-known for cancer fighting properties. The benefits just don’t end here; following are its other benefits –

• The antioxidants present in Green Tea helps can prevention or reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
• It also lowers down the blood pressure.
• It is also beneficial against heart disease. It considerably lowers down LDL cholesterol.
• It will help fight cough & cold thereby strengthen immunity.
• Being a natural anti-bacterial agent, it helps in the prevention of bad breath.