Tea And Meditation


Simple tea meditation is a beautiful practice as it not only as it brings a greater sense of peace and also helps in cultivating gratitude.

The caffeine in green tea helps one to wake up concentrate and be more alert.

It is this the reason why tea is a favorite form of meditation.

Tea was originally used for medicinal purpose originally born in China approx. 1800 years ago , at a point of time Tea was China’s national drink now Tea is famous all across the globe .

Tea came to Japan years later was quickly adopted by the Japanese . It also became a part of their daily culture.

Tea became an inclusion in the Zen monks life due to its calming qualities and powerful aroma .

Try this simple Tea meditation early morning it is profoundly nourishing and beneficial .

Steps Of Simple Tea Meditation

1. Make your own Tea

You must manage each step of preparing tea to finishing up and cleaning up in mindfulness . Notice the aroma , admire the look and its color.

2. Give thanks

Give thanks to the cup of tea in front of you . Appreciate it with gratitude for all those things that helped make that thing a reality , express this thought to yourself .

3. Drink

You must then drink your tea after preparing it and thanking it with full mindfulness . Drink tea as if this moment and this cup will never again come into existence .

4. Give thanks again

This will help put the Tea and meditation in perspective .

Awesome Chai Cookies A Must Try !!!

1. All purpose flour
2 1/4th cup sugar
3. 1/4th cup powdered or grinded sugar
4. ½ teaspoon grinded cardamom
5. 1 tablespoon chai mix from several chai tea bags
6. ½ teaspoon grounded cinnamon
7. ¼ teaspoon salt
8.1/2 teaspoon vanilla
9.1/2 cup unsalted butter

In a mixture food processor pulse the flour, mix powdered sugar , tea mix and salt.
Until the tea is pulverized and distributed throughout the dry ingredients.
Add the cardamom and cinnamon as well.
This will give a more pronounced chai flavor.
Add butter and vanilla .Pulse together till a right dough is formed . Scrap the dough out of the chopper and form a log 8 to 9 inches long on a butter greased tray or in an aluminium foil around and roll the log smooth . Freeze the log or chill for atleast 30 mins. Take out the aluminium foil.
Before baking , preheat oven for 375 Degree C and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Use a sharp knife to slice out the chilled log of dough into 1/3 inch thick piece .
Bake until the edges begin to brown . i.e. till 10-12 mins. Let it cool for 5 mins then transfer the store cooled cookies in an airtight container

Fight Cold and Strengthen your Immunity

Drinking Kashmiri Kahwa tea to prevent or treat the common cold is a promising habit.
Cold is often caused by viruses and properties of Kashmiri Kahwa tea can soothe this.
So what makes  tea an effective anti – viral agent ?
Kashmiri Kahwa tea contains anti-oxidants known as catechins . Kashmiri Kahwa tea contains stem , leaf , buds and veins which makes it rich in anti- oxidants .
This concentration of anti-oxidants in green tea makes green tea an effective anti – viral agent .
Healthy cells are weakened when viruses attack your body .
Kashmiri Kahwa Tea antioxidants reduce the infection rate of the healthy cells.

Green Tea


Green Tea and its Hydration Sides.

Tea has two benefits
a. It replaces fluids
b. It contains anti oxidants

Its actually better than water as it constitutes to
two benefits instead of one.

In terms of fluid intake 1.5 to 2 litres of water per
day is recommended that can include tea .

Tea also has health benefits apart from hydration benefits.

If a person is engaged in regular physical activity or lives
in a particularly warm climate water consumption is required.

All food contains some amount of water , other beverages like
tea , coffee and juices also contain water . Some beverage alternatives
may contain caffeine which can cause dehydration in the body.

Green tea is associated with a gamut of health benefits.
Green tea is rich in catechins and can increase your metabolic efficiency.
High in polyphenols , antioxidants helps your body damage from environmental
toxins and free radicals , the effects of which can lead to cellular death.

Lose Weight By Following These Simple Tea Habits


1. Drink tea every single day.

Find ways to create healthy tea drinking habit. Make a tea time once
in afternoon and once before bed time . Also replace tea with coffee
they are healthier due to very mild amount of caffine in them.

2. Balance your tea habits with a healthy diet

For getting better weight loss results it is always better to have tea with
a good and a healthy diet whole grains , fruits , veggies and low fat dairy
products goes great with tea.

3.Avoid getting bored

You may just get bored drinking just one kind of tea . Teasage provides an extensive
range of flavoured tea . You will not only enjoy the taste but also a great aroma . Visit
www.teasage.in for more information .

4. Do not add anything to your tea

Get used to drinking tea without adornment . Cream and sugar destroys the weight loss benefits
earned by tea . Try drinking tea with honey or lemon

5. Fight food cravings with Tea

Tea regulates metabolism. Start using tea whenever you feel craving for something sweet
or unhealthy

Featured on YOURSTORY.com !!

Akash Takwani started up Teasage because he had to ‘just freaking do it’

Every day in the world nearly three billion cups of tea shuffle on tables, pass from hand to hand, steam up the air and fill the esophagi of all kinds of people.

Tea is unprejudiced, it transcends cultures, and is loved even in countries where the climate does not allow it to grow (Ireland and the UK are respectively third and fifth in the list of tea consumption per capita worldwide). History and tradition melt in a teapot, and this contributes to making it a very marketable product.

Akash Takwani had an eye on the global scenario when he decided to start up TEASAGE™ (formerly Teayaan), which blends leaf teas with natural pieces of fruit, flowers and spices.


The tea route

“While studying for my Masters in Global Entrepreneurship Program, China, I came across the culture of ‘leaf tea’ and the health benefits associated with it. Everywhere I went – be it a classroom, a business meeting or the train – there was always a facility of hot water. People usually carried their bags of leaf tea with them and after some research I was surprised to learn how much healthier it is,” recalls Akash.


Whereas the tea industry worldwide has helped Akash to formulate his business idea, the market he is looking at is India. “India is the world’s largest consumer, second largest producer and fourth largest exporter of tea after China. It accounts for nearly 30 per cent of global output and nearly 25 per cent of tea produced worldwide is consumed in this country,” he explains.

The Indian tea industry is estimated to have a total turnover of Rs 33, 000 crore in 2015 according to ASSOCHAM; and although branded market accounts for nearly 55 per cent of the total market and is growing at about 20 per cent, the unbranded market is growing at 10 per cent annually.

Pour some leaf tea in Indian cups

In the last two years, Akash was working as a business development manager with a retail branding organisation and as part of his job he was assigned a research project on ‘Green Tea in Modern Retail Formats in India’. “I was surprised to see a whole section dedicated to green teas, but I was also disappointed when I could not find leaf teas. Almost all the teas available were dust and fannings which are low in antioxidants,” he says.

Soon Akash flipped his disappointment into a business opportunity. “I started in depth research online and offline; browsing articles, watching videos, getting insights from friends in China, attending tea expos, meeting suppliers etc.” he says. By the end of it, green teas and their properties had no secrets from Akash.


Their benefits include combating heart related ailments, lowering cholesterol, protecting skin, keeping cancer at bay, and strengthening bones and teeth. Moreover, they contain no calories, fat and salt. “Even if in very general terms, in India people are very much aware of the benefits of green tea,” Akash explains, adding that this consolidated knowledge his venture. The first step into the business was to make green tea accessible to everyone in leaf.

Pouring inspiration

Akash recalls a lecture by his finance professor Peter Biro in Babson. “He had prepared only one PPT slide showing just JFDI written in bold in the middle of a white page. All of us were wondering what it meant but could not come up with any answer. After some time he revealed that it stood for ‘Just Freaking Do It.’”

You are never going to understand or solve a problem by sitting in a classroom, you need to go out there and do it yourself, don’t hesitate in trying,” were the words Peter Biro concluded his course with.

Akash says, “The biggest challenge in a startup phase is surviving with your idea. There will be many who won’t agree to your concept. It is very important to believe in what you are doing and then put wholehearted effort in achieving it. Perseverance is the key.”

Being innovative and having a great slice of the market to capitalize on is not enough to build a successful company; however, fruity and spicy green leaf teas have great potential to become a niche winning product. It’s just a matter of pouring tea into the right cups.

Spicy Green Tea Blend for Monsoon – Fights Cold & Cough

Finally monsoon is here, but it does not bring total relief. It brings along humidity, dusty winds and with continuous changes in the weather conditions it affects human body & skin. Some of us face stomach pain, greasy skin and various other health-related problems. It does not matter how many times you have washed your face, you still get that sticky feeling. So, apart from taking external care of your skin, you have to take holistic care of your body by drinking healthy juices and Green Tea.

During rainy season, our body comes in contact with different types of bacteria. So, it is important to make your immune system strong. Only drinking water won’t help in hydrating, drinking Green Tea will provide you with proper proteins and minerals in order to keep your body healthy.

At TEASAGE™™, we provide superior green tea leaf in pyramid bags & pouches as a
beverage option to companies.

We have created special Monsoon collection to combat cough and cold thereby help
maintain health of employees.

The collection includes –
1) Lemon Ginger Green Tea
2) Kashmiri Kahwa Tea
3) Apple Cinnamon Green Tea
4) Tulsi Green Tea
5) Orange Spice Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa Green Tea

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Benefits –
Owing to its long list of benefits, Green Tea is popular across the world. The magic ingredients present in the Green Tea are well-known for cancer fighting properties. The benefits just don’t end here; following are its other benefits –

• The antioxidants present in Green Tea helps can prevention or reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
• It also lowers down the blood pressure.
• It is also beneficial against heart disease. It considerably lowers down LDL cholesterol.
• It will help fight cough & cold thereby strengthen immunity.
• Being a natural anti-bacterial agent, it helps in the prevention of bad breath.