Lose Weight By Following These Simple Tea Habits


1. Drink tea every single day.

Find ways to create healthy tea drinking habit. Make a tea time once
in afternoon and once before bed time . Also replace tea with coffee
they are healthier due to very mild amount of caffine in them.

2. Balance your tea habits with a healthy diet

For getting better weight loss results it is always better to have tea with
a good and a healthy diet whole grains , fruits , veggies and low fat dairy
products goes great with tea.

3.Avoid getting bored

You may just get bored drinking just one kind of tea . Teasage provides an extensive
range of flavoured tea . You will not only enjoy the taste but also a great aroma . Visit
www.teasage.in for more information .

4. Do not add anything to your tea

Get used to drinking tea without adornment . Cream and sugar destroys the weight loss benefits
earned by tea . Try drinking tea with honey or lemon

5. Fight food cravings with Tea

Tea regulates metabolism. Start using tea whenever you feel craving for something sweet
or unhealthy